The Keedy Lab

End of summer 2019 update

A lot has happened in the Keedy Lab in the last few months…

First of all, I’m excited to report that the lab has been awarded an NIH MIRA (R35) grant, which will provide funding for 5 years! With this support from the NIH, we can continue our work to develop new methods in multistate X-ray crystallography and elucidate allosteric mechanisms in phosphatases.

Relatedly, we are hiring for multiple positions in the lab. Email Dr. Keedy and apply by clicking this link if you are interested in a postdoc position.

Finally, two excellent undergraduates have finished their summer research in the lab: Kristiana “Spring” Smith with the B^3 REU Program (from my alma mater Rhodes College!) and Minyoung “Lily” Kim with the CSURP Program, both of whom worked with Maryam Azeem as a mentor here. We wish them both the best as they return to college for the fall, and beyond!

DK, Spring Smith, and Maryam Azeem in August 2019

DK, Lily Kim, and Maryam Azeem in August 2019