The Keedy Lab

Daniel receives a Cottrell Scholar Award

Daniel is honored to have received a 2022 Cottrell Scholar Award. These awards are given to early-career scientists with interests in both research and teaching, ideally with integration between the two. With funding from this award, Daniel’s lab at the ASRC will exploit new techniques in structural biology to reveal how atoms in phosphatase enzymes move during catalysis and allostery. At the same time, he will engage his undergraduate biochemistry students at CCNY with a new crowd-sourced research project in which students will design and advocate for bespoke phosphatase mutations, attend virtual field trips to the Keedy lab where the mutant proteins will be characterized, and assess the experimental data to internalize lessons about how amino acid sequence determines protein function.

For more details, check out the project description via the funding agency (RCSA) website, the ASRC press release, the CCNY press release, and the CCNY RICC article.