The Keedy Lab

End of spring news roundup

A few updates as we wrap up the spring and head into summer 2022…

First, we said a tearful farewell to Blake, who is off to the world of biotech across the country at Replay Holdings, San Diego. We expect lots of great science – and hopefully game-changing therapeutics in our lifetimes. Good luck, Blake!

We also say hello to a couple of new faces. First, Liliana Margent is joining the lab as a PhD student from the CUNY Biochemistry Program. Second, Akshay Raju is joining as an Honors undergraduate research student. Welcome, y’all!

Finally, Daniel presented the lab’s research on probing allostery in tyrosine phosphatases with avant-garde methods in X-ray crystallography at the EMBO phosphatases meeting, which we plan to attend again in future years. We’re currently writing papers about several projects Daniel touched on in his talk, with additional internal and collaborative projects also brewing… We look forward to sharing with the world relatively soon!