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End of summer news roundup

Time for another news roundup…

First, Ali, Shivani, and I had a fantastic time at the Gordon Research Seminar and Gordon Research Conference in Diffraction Methods, which had been delayed since 2020. It was fun to get to see folks face-to-face – even if we did still have masks on most of the time. Thankfully, no COVID cases were reported. On the scientific side, everyone had something to show for themselves: Ali won a best poster prize for the GRS (congrats!) and was voted co-chair of the next GRS in 2024 (congrats!!), Shivani asked a veritable barrage of insightful and clarifying questions throughout the conference, and I (Daniel) got to show off Tamar’s work on protein:ligand crystallography at cryo vs. room temperature in a talk (paper coming soon…).

Ali in front of his prize-winning GRS poster

Shivani in front of her GRS/GRC poster

Speaking of papers: Shivani, Ali, and I managed to pull together a manuscript about our recent serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX) structure of apo PTP1B at room temperature. This one is short & sweet, and sets the stage for other exciting serial crystallography studies of PTPs in the future. Check out the preprint on bioRxiv!

Shivani, Ali, and DK celebrate submitting a paper at the GRC

Finally, Jackson finished his B3 REU program with a poster presentation in the quad between the ASRC and CDI. We’ll miss you, Jackson – and best of luck back at Hopkins!

Jackson shows off his REU research poster

DK visits Jackson's REU research poster