The Keedy Lab

2023 New Year news roundup

Alright, time for an end of 2022 / start of 2023 news roundup – consider this a scientific Christmas card of sorts…

First off, Shivani and Ali’s paper on serial crystallography of PTP1B is now published at Acta Cryst Fcheck it out here!

Second, Tamar’s paper on protein:ligand interactions at room temp vs. cryo was published as a bioRxiv preprint and submitted to a journal! Watch this space for more once the peer review process runs its course…

I got the chance to talk about Tamar’s work to a relatively new-to-us crowd at the FASEB Phosphatases Conference in Palm Springs, where Ali, Virgil, and Shivani presented posters on (some of) their projects as well. It was great learning about the biology of phosphatases, meeting many folks whose papers we had read, and exploring collaboration possibilities. Virgil even won a poster prize, keeping the Keedy lab conference poster prize streak alive – congrats, Virgil!

Virgil at his *award-winning* FASEB poster!

Ali at his FASEB poster

Shivani at her FASEB poster

More personnel, academic milestones, projects, and papers coming soon… I’ve got a good feeling about 2023!